Welcome to Benhams Class

We are Benhams Class - Year 5 and 6.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we are taught by Mrs Caddick. On Thursday and Friday, we are taught by Mrs Austin.

Mrs Connor is our LSA who works with us every day.  Mrs Lewis is joining us in class too.

Miss McCluskey covers our class during the teachers PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time.  This will be on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for Mrs Caddick and Thursdays for Mrs Austin.

Starting times:

We begin our school day at 8.35am.  Work is set for the children to start at that time and be completed before we head off to Collective Worship.
Y6 children have a regular Buddy responsibility in Hyde class starting at that time.  Please ensure that they are in school every day to start at 8.35am.


We have PE on Wednesday and Friday. Currently all children need to come to school in their SCHOOL PE KIT on these days. Although we are swimming on Wednesdays at the moment, (for the first 8 weeks for most children - a further 5 weeks for those who need more time to meet the requirements for the end of KS2) we are asking that the children STILL wear their PE kit.

Please ensure on Friday they have a change of footwear in a plastic bag to minimise mud being brought back into the classroom.  (As there is not a huge amount of room in the Benhams cloakroom please do not send large bags into school.)

Now that the weather is getting colder, please ensure that your child's PE kit will keep them warm in class as well.  Shorts and T-shirts are great for the warmer days of summer and when the children are running around outside, but please keep in mind the fact that we are working in a classroom with open doors and windows.  We often go into the school grounds for our Outdoor Learning activities, too.

Naughty Covid 2020 - 202?:

As waves of the virus keep crashing upon the shores of GB, Hampshire, Long Sutton and our school, please could we remind you to ensure that your child has the necessary stationery equipment required in class, and that it is regularly replenished. 

Pen with black ink, pencils, crayons, ruler, rubber, sharpener (the ones which hold the sharpenings would be jolly useful), glue stick (CLEARLY LABELLED WITH THEIR OWN NAME), protractor, scissors.


There remains some confusion about homework.  Each week's requirements are now ALL found online, on Microsoft TEAMS. Your child is set Maths and English homework EVERY week.  It is all on the HOMEWORK channel, in FILES.  Each week, the homework is in a different folder, which is clearly labelled.  ALL LOGINS ARE ON THE INSIDE COVERS OF YOUR CHILD'S ORANGE READING JOURNAL.  May I suggest that when they arrive home, you take a photograph of them on your phone, as they follow your child throughout their time in Long Sutton School.  This way, you can enable them to access their homework, even when they have managed to misplace logins or reading journals.

Meet and Greet - September:

As we are unable to meet up en masse, so to speak, our usual presentation at the start of the educational year has been transferred onto a ppt presentation for your information. (It has been saved as pdf for those awkward tablets/laptops etc. that refuse to show a ppt without it looking as though a 5 year old has created it on an off day)

Benhams class

 Self isolating?

If you are having to stay at home, please contact school and us immediately, so that we can get a programme of study out to you on the SECOND DAY. This will be on Microsoft Teams.  All children now have their logins.


On the first day, please work on the following:

Times Tables - There is an entire folder devoted to Times tables in the Teams/ Benhams/ Homework/ Files folders.  Please ensure that they have plenty of practice sheets to work through. Your child will also have an EdShed login (found in orange journal) where they can access MathsShed - a site full of Maths games.
If your isolation is having to start on a Monday, please work on those times tables where your child is weakest.  For extra challenge, please ensure that they can move up and down in 15s and in 25s.  The latter is particularly important when it comes to Fractions, Percentages and Decimals, which comprises a large chunk of the Y5/6 curriculum later in the year. 

Spellings - All spellings are now being put on the Teams/ Benhams/ Homework/ Files folders every Monday.  Please focus on them and ensure that your child can spell them accurately on their own, and in a context sentence.  Your child will have an EdShed login (found in orange journal) where they can access SpellingShed - a fun way to practise.
If your isolation is having to start on a Monday, please work on the previous week's spellings and if there is a distinct pattern, then ensure that your child can use the pattern equally well in other words.

Reading - Ensure that your child is reading fluently and understands exactly what is happening in the text of their reading books.  Expression is vital to ensure good comprehension, so please encourage 'over the top' use of intonation at all times. Here is a guide that will help to get you started on the types of questions children need to be able to answer at UKS2  Your child will have a login for READING EGG too.

Maths - Go on to, and the MyMaths homework that is set them each week, find your child's year group, check the timetable on Teams/ Benhams/ Homework/ Files to determine which mathematical concept they are learning this week, and give them access to the appropriate pages.  There are also links on the Spring Term maths overview sheet in Teams.

If you look on Teams/ Benhams/ Homework/ Files, there is a pdf which has the maths concepts we are covering in the Spring Term.

Useful websites: 
EdShed - Spellings and Maths practise
TTRockstars - Times tables practise

Purple Mash - for all subjects being covered in school that particular week.  Although there will be nothing specifically set, children can do a lot of personal research.


By the time they reach Y5/6, some children think that reading aloud to parents is 'infra-dig'.  (Soooo sixties!)  However, reading aloud is a vital component in the development of comprehension that is required as part of anyone's reading skills.  It is through their use of intonation and expression that children best demonstrate whether they have understood a text of any sort.

When hearing your child read, please encourage them to go almost 'over the top' in their expression.  Make that story 'live' in the listener's ear.

To help you further support your child's reading, here is a Guide for Parents to help with reading at home.  As you look at it online, it appears to be out of order, but when printed off (double sided) it creates a little A5 booklet for you to enjoy.




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