Welcome to Benhams Class - 2022/23

We are Benhams Class - Year 5 and 6.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we are taught by Mrs Caddick. On Thursday and Friday, we are taught by Mrs Austin.

Mrs Connor is our LSA who works with us every day.

Mrs Austin will be teaching our class during the teacher PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) time.  This will be on Wednesdays.

Мои учителя — миссис Кэддик и миссис Остин.
Миссис Коннер помогает в классе каждый день.

Starting times:

We begin our school day at 8.35am

Y6 children have a regular Buddy responsibility in Hyde class starting at that time.  Please ensure that they are in school every day to start at 8.35am.

Мы должны быть в школе в 8.35


We have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. Currently all children need to come to school in their SCHOOL PE KIT on these days. Although we will be swimming on Wednesdays at some point, we are asking that the children STILL wear their PE kit.

Please ensure on Thursdays they have a change of footwear in a plastic bag to minimise mud being brought back into the classroom.  (As there is not a huge amount of room in the Benhams cloakroom please do not send large bags into school.)

Now that the weather is getting colder, please ensure that your child's PE kit will keep them warm in class as well.  Shorts and T-shirts are great for the warmer days of summer and when the children are running around outside, but please keep in mind the fact that we are working in a classroom with open doors and windows.  We often go into the school grounds for our Outdoor Learning activities, too.

В среду и четверг у нас физкультура.
Скоро мы начнем плавать в среду.
Мы сообщим вам, когда это начнется.
Дети должны носить комплект физкультуры в школу по средам и четвергам.


Please could we remind you to ensure that your child has the necessary stationery equipment required in class, and that it is regularly replenished. (If you are unable to do this, we do have the necessary equipment in school, but we have found that most Benhams children like to have their own, and it is, of course, good practice for when they move to secondary school)


Suggestions are:- Pen with black ink, pencils, crayons, ruler, rubber, sharpener (the ones which hold the sharpenings would be jolly useful), glue stick (CLEARLY LABELLED WITH THEIR OWN NAME), protractor, scissors.

Homework: - Before we start the year, please ensure that you have updated the Teams app.

Пожалуйста, прочитайте эту информацию о домашнем задании

Each week's requirements are now ALL found online, on Microsoft TEAMS.

Your child is set Maths and English homework EVERY week.  It is all on the HOMEWORK channel, in FILES.  Each week, the homework is in a different folder, which is clearly labelled. 


May I suggest that when they arrive home, you take a photograph of them on your phone, as they follow your child throughout their time in Long Sutton School.  This way, you can enable them to access their homework, even when they have managed to misplace logins or reading journals.

Meet and Greet - September 12th 2022:

It was lovely to meet those who could join us at the start of this term.

For those of you who could not, here is the presentation we used.

Benhams 2022-2023

Было приятно встретить тех, кто мог присоединиться к нам в начале этого семестра.

Для тех из вас, кто не смог, вот презентация, которую мы использовали.

Наш класс 2022



By the time they reach Y5/6, some children think that reading aloud to parents is 'infra-dig'.  (Soooo sixties!)  However, reading aloud is a vital component in the development of comprehension that is required as part of anyone's reading skills.  It is through their use of intonation and expression that children best demonstrate whether they have understood a text of any sort.

When hearing your child read, please encourage them to go almost 'over the top' in their expression.  Make that story 'live' in the listener's ear.

To help you further support your child's reading, here is a Guide for Parents to help with reading at home.  As you look at it online, it appears to be out of order, but when printed off (double sided) it creates a little A5 booklet for you to enjoy.

 Ваш ребенок должен каждый день читать часть английской книги.



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