Charity Work

At Long Sutton School we are proud of the charity work all the children have been involved in. Each year the children work hard to raise money for charities through special events and collections.

Harvest festival.

Each year we visit All Saints church in Long Sutton to celebrate Harvest Festival. Traditionally the children bring gifts. In the last few years they have given donations to the local foodbanks or raised money to support projects such as the Hoima orphanage in Uganda.

Annual events

Each year there are special events organised to raise money for Children in Need. In the years when there is Comic Relief and Sports Relief there is always a fund raising event.

Every year there is a pancake race to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Entry money for the race is given to a nominated charity. A money collection is taken after the Carols Round the Tree which is also given to charity.

House events

Each house organises an activity during the year to raise money for the schools nominated charity. These are varied and include book sales, cake sales, non- uniform events, sports events and competitions.

Marys meals

Last year we support the charity Marys meals. This charity provides school meals for children in Malawi. We raised enough money last year to feed 140 children for a year.

Toilet Twinning

This year the charity is Toilet Twinning. This charity builds toilets in villages around the world that have no toilets. This has a tremendous impact on the villages as sanitation improves there is less sickness in the villages and less time taken off work. The charity teaches about good hygiene so that communities understand what causes diseases.