Collective Worship

As a church school we aim to nurture children’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social development. We positively welcome all faiths and cultures in the sure knowledge that we learn from one another and that the richness of culture is a benefit to all in school. We set aside time within every school day for children to participate in a form of collective worship that enables them to consider the awe and wonder of our world, to reflect on personal and social behaviours and attitudes, and to develop a growing sense of our place within the world and the level of responsibility this incurs. It is through the daily life of the school that we aim to encourage children to care for themselves, one another, the school and the wider world: to understand their rights

Our collective worships have the following features

  • An opportunity is given for reflection.
  • The children listen to stories related to the theme.
  • There is a time to celebrate through singing.
  • Children have an opportunity to pray.

Twice a week the whole school meet together for collective worship. Twice a week the children have class collective worships. The other collective worship may be in classes, houses, key stage or whole school.

Every class has a celebration assembly each term when they share what they have been learning with their parents and other members of the school community within a Christian context.

The themes for the collective worship are planned by the collective worship leader. These themes are based on the school values and the PSHE taught in school. All collective worships have Christian themes with links to bible stories.

Our link with the local church is maintained by attending All Saints Church for services to celebrate Harvest, Christmas and Easter.