The Church and Community

Long Sutton primary school is a Church of England Controlled School maintained by Hampshire County Council but with a Church of England foundation.

We have strong links with All Saints church in Long Sutton and also links with our village churches of South Warnborough and Upton Grey. Members of the clergy from these churches come to worship with us and lead our assemblies. Members of the church community lead our Open the Book assemblies when they retell bible stories to the children through drama. Parishioners are involved in our school in RE, assemblies, running clubs and attending events. Our links with the church are reinforced with our church school liaison.

The children attend the church for special services at Harvest festival, Christmas and Easter. Parents and friends join us on these occasions. The children also visit the church at other times to participate in community events such as the annual prayer week and to support their RE curriculum. Each year our Year 6 visit St Andrews, South Warnborough for a pilgrimage. They walk across the fields from Long Sutton and hold a special service in South Warnborough when they arrive.

Collective worship

As a church school we aim to nurture children’s spiritual, moral, cultural and social development. We positively welcome all faiths and cultures in the sure knowledge that we learn from one another and that the richness of culture is a benefit to all in school. We set aside time within every school day for children to participate in a form of collective worship that enables them to consider the awe and wonder of our world, to reflect on personal and social behaviours and attitudes, and to develop a growing sense of our place within the world and the level of responsibility this incurs. It is through the daily life of the school that we aim to encourage children to care for themselves, one another, the school and the wider world: to understand their rights as children and their responsibilities to be respectful.

Each class organises a collective worship each term to share with their parents the learning from that term within a Christian context.