Junior Road Safety Officers

Each year we elect a Junior Road Safety Officer. We have one Year 5 and one Year 6 child to carry out these roles. Once elected the representative serves for two years.

Our Junior Road Safety Officers attend training to find out about being safe on the road. They plan and hold assemblies where they share messages about road safety with the rest of the school.

Our Junior Road Safety Officers are involved in arranging special events to promote road safety. Last year they organised a ‘Be Bright Be Seen Day’. At a special assembly they talked to the children about the importance of wearing bright clothes when walking or cycling on the roads. All children were invited to dress up in bright clothes for a school day and the Junior Road Safety Officers chose the brightest to award prizes to. Children were also invited to attend a competition to make a poster, picture or artefact on the theme ‘Be Bright Be Seen’. Our Junior Road Safety Officers picked the winners.

We promote the use of environmentally friendly ways of travelling to school. Each year we have a walk to school week.

We promote car sharing and use of the school bus to reduce congestion outside school on a daily basis.

We have received the silver modeshift award from Hampshire County Council in recognition of the work we have done to encourage people to plan their travel to school. We are hoping to receive the gold award this year.