Supporting Children With Medical Needs

Long Sutton School is an inclusive school that welcomes and supports children with medical conditions. The school provides all children with any medical condition the same opportunities as others at the school to enable them to play a full and active role in school life. The school works closely with parents to support any child with medical conditions. The school liaises with other professionals who support the child with medical conditions.

Each year a letter is sent to all parents when they are asked to inform the school of any known medical conditions of their child, any medicine which needs to be kept in school and provide the school with copies of individual health plans for their children. Parents are requested to inform the school of any changes in their child’s health needs. The school follows the policy for Administration of Medicines held in the school office.

The attached policy, Supporting Children with Medical Conditions, is written using guidance from Supporting Children at School with Medical Conditions statutory guidance.

Click here to view Supporting Children with Medical Conditions 2021-2023

Click here to view Administration of Medicines Policy 2022-2024