Easter Prayer Spaces

Monday 1st April was a very special day for us in All Saints Long Sutton – it was our first ever Prayer Space activity with the school. The children walked, one class at a time, to the church, where they were immersed in the Easter story and what it means in our lives today. They thought through themes such as joy, friendship, worries and forgiveness, as well as having the opportunity to ask God some really big questions using interactive activities and spaces. Each prayer space wasjoy); The Last Supper (friendship); The Garden of Gethsemane (worries); ; The foot of the Cross (forgiveness); The Empty Tomb (hope).

It was such a joy to see the children engage so wholeheartedly with the activities…

"What a wonderful experience. I was both delighted and humbled by the way in which all our children engaged with and interacted with the prayer and reflection activities. It was such a privilege to be an observer; to listen to and read their prayers and see what deep thinkers and caring little humans they are."

Mrs. Inglis, Headteacher, Long Sutton Primary School

But, for me, it was equally a delight to see the volunteers from the church become so involved and invested in the children from their community…

"Every time I help, the children amaze and inspire me. They leave me with a joy in my heart and a big smile on my face. At the Prayer Spaces, it was particularly wonderful to experience how many of them took the idea of prayer and a deeper relationship with God so seriously."


"I loved many of the questions that came out of the Prayer Spaces time, all of them really engaged well.  One little chap will stand out for me. He was full of questions, 'What is a church for?'  'Why is there a wooden cross?'  'Why did Jesus die?'  Some tricky questions!  I am that I was able to be part of this!"


I can’t wait to spend some time this December continuing our journey in prayer together, this time through the Christmas story…

Helen Chatfield

Youth and Children’s Pastor


A very successful first day back

We started the Autumn term with two Trailblazer days, one of which involved working on the school grounds, the other, a morning walk.

Here are some examples of the pieces we created, based on the work of the artist, Andy Goldsworthy.



June Residential Trip Day 4

After a VERY wet night, we woke up to a dry morning. After breakfast, we all went to the Trapeze for some high ropes action. It put some of our courage to the test! We then split up - group 1 went on the Quad Bikes and group 2 went to the Giant Swing. Great fun had by all!! Mrs Inglis joined us in time for lunch, then we went back to our cabins to play ‘murder mystery’ - our new hide and seek game. The afternoon’s activities kicked off with Abseiling and Team Games for both groups - our teamwork is definitely improving this week! Mrs Inglis joined us on the ropes for some Abseiling fun. Once we had finished dinner, we all got ourselves ready for the D-I-S-C-O! Much enjoyment had by all - Mrs Caddick and Mrs Haldane had great fun watching the shapes being thrown around the dance floor. We are looking forward to our last morning of activities tomorrow. 


June Residential Trip Day 3

We woke up at a much more respectable time of 7am this morning - some of us even had to be woken up! After a filling breakfast, we headed to our morning activities - Aeroball & Tunnel Trail. These were a lot of fun; we really had to work as a team. Before long it was time for lunch - Mrs Caddick and Mrs Haldane arrived to swap over. We said goodbye to Mrs Cameron & Mrs Maidment, then we began our afternoon activities. Group 1 did Survivor and Orienteering, group 2 did Orienteering and Quad Biking. Group 2 were told we were naturals at Quad Biking, and Mrs Haldane’s feet are sore after clocking up 12,000 steps in 1 hour of Orienteering! 

After another filling meal of meatballs and chicken curry, we headed to the shop where we spent more of our money. Due to the heavy rain this evening, our evening activity has been moved indoors - fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow!


June Residential Trip Day 2

We woke our teachers up fairly early this morning (Mrs Maidment was overjoyed with her 5:45am wake up call and request to play football!) we enjoyed a filling breakfast with lots of delicious choices. Soon it was time to start our activities and throughout the day we completed the vertical challenge, sensory trail, Jacob’s ladder and problem solving games. All of the activities had something in common, we had to use our communication skills to work as a team. In between all of our exciting activities, we have competed in several games of football, survived our first room inspection (the scoring was harsh!) and had a trip to the PGL gift shop. Everyone has been enjoying the meals, with a choice jacket potatoes at lunch time and the tough decision of picking either lasagne or chicken nuggets at dinner. Our evening entertainment was a walk to the beach. Huddled around a campfire we sang all sorts of hilarious songs, followed by toasting marshmallows over the glowing fire. A perfect end to a beautifully sunny day.


June Residential Trip Day 1

We enjoyed a nice smooth crossing to the Isle of Wight. When we arrived at Little Canada, our lovely host Ellie met us and took us straight to our rooms. After a little while to unpack and burning off some energy with a football, we went on a tour of the site. During our tour Ellie told us an interesting fact about the water fountains -ask us about it when we return! 

At 5:40 we went to dinner and enjoyed delicious sausages and mash. After dinner, we had a surprise visitor, Mr Butt! We were all pleased to see him and he quickly got stuck in to a game of football. Our evening entertainment was ‘Robot Wars’ where we had to work in teams to complete challenges that earn us a piece of cardboard. We then used the cardboard to build one of our friends into a robot. It was great fun. All in all a great first day!