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We are Benhams Class.

Year 5/6

Mrs Arturi and Mrs Austin are our teachers, and Mrs Hickling is our LSA.

(Mrs Arturi will be teaching us on Monday and Tuesday.  Mrs Austin will be teaching us on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Mrs Hickling will be with us on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings)



Lesson Plans for 18th May - and a few STEM activities for our budding scientists!

Year Five     Year Six     Make your own pond skater     Float that pin!

Wednesday 13th May.


Lesson Plans for 11th May.

Year Five    Year Six

Have some fun computing without a computer!

Have you tried these STEM activities, yet?  Floating Garden  Making a conveyor belt  Beat the flood  Stop the spread


Here is a superb site to use for quick and easy research:

Are you finding PE with Joe a little repetitive, well there are many other exercise gurus out there... Are you trying Urban Strides?  They are the guys that did the dance moves with us for the Young Voices concert way back in February!


I learned how to do this when I was about ten years into my teaching career.  This link will take you to a really, really easy way to learn touch typing.  I have blessed every single day that I learned.

It looks just right for children!  Go on... have a go!


Monday May 4th.

Y6 Learning plans 04 05 20   Y5 Learning plans 04 05 20

Please note:  The Maths worksheets for DAY FOUR have been accidently mixed.  Y5 need to open the one marked Y6 and vice versa.  Apologies. 

Robert Mays School has sent out an email to all those Y6s who have opted to go there in Y7.  If you have not received any such correspondence (check your junk box!) please contact them asap.  The letter is giving information about transition activities during the time that schooling is happening at home.

 Further activities for week beginning 4th May.

VE Day activities  Make your own PE options


Home Learning

March 2020 & Scratch Letter Attachment

Week beginning 27th April Plans

Year Five  Year Six

Would you like to find out more about the stars?  Well, tonight, (Friday 24/04/20) the national space centre is doing a live presentation.

Found this while searching for Y6 transition activities:

Do you have a Year 6 due to start high school in September? If so you definitely want to check out this free online training I will be doing on May 1st!

All the details are in the link below. Promise you'll leave with actionable tips and tricks!

If you have friends with Year 6s please share with them too! Just click the link below to sign up



Week beginning 20th April 2020

Y5 plans  Y6 plans

More ideas for those who have finished everything and want more...

Science busking

This is a link to a fantastic art competition... with a difference.  Firstly, you produce a picture of a tree (on A4, any medium you wish) then - and this is the difference bit - you ensure that you show how wildlife use the tree.  The pdf file is your entry form, and gives the details of the competition.  It finishes on May 11th, so get out there and get creating!

Welcome Back!  It's the Summer Term - hooray!

For those of you who have done everything for this week, and are looking to do more, try the BBC Bitesize, home learning activities.  Here's the link!

We all enjoyed the story of the Explorer, and some of us have taken the Jaguar Trials home to read.  But now.... there's The Curse of the Maya!  Read to you, by the author.  It's for children aged 9-13yrs.

Copy and paste the link above... then sit back and enjoy the reading.


Urban Strides – the people who created the moves for our exciting trip to the O2 last term, wanted to let you know about some free uplifting content they are providing for school teachers, students and their families at 10am every Wednesday.   

Andy Instone will go live on Facebook  and Instagram (just search “Urban Strides”)

Join Andy for a 20 min injection of positivity, movement and fun times! Plus, some key tips for staying positive, resilient and maintaining a positive state of mental health in these turbulent times. 

This week they will be looking into “The Power of purpose”, how it affects emotion, drive and energy levels and mental health. You will be shown techniques of how to get that back when unexpected circumstances knock you off course - and so much more! Not to mention you’ll be moving to music and getting a weekly punch of positivity! This Live will be packed with info so get ready to go!

Or you could just tune in to Mrs Wright on Youtube!



They would like children from across Britain to email them beautiful pictures, so that they can cover the walls of the very plain, bare new wards.  They will then laminate them and put them up.

Create your beautiful pictures - Isabel, I hear you've done a cracking picture of the local church - and then email them to us.  We will send off those that we receive.

2nd April:  You'll have read my email, showing how this was an April Fool's 'Joke'.  I'll put the # address on here, soon.

HERE IT IS... #RainbowsForNightingale




For anyone keen to practise basic number skills MyMaths activities have been allocate to Year 5 and Year 6. They are OPTIONAL and have a completion date of the end of May. If you have already completed, please do try again and see if you can secure a higher percentage.  This is an online library with hundreds of books for your little bookworms.  There is a thirty day trial offer.

Book reviews: You remember that I gave you all screeds and screeds of scrumptious books?  Well, here's a book review of the one I took home.  Please read it, then I would really like some book reviews from each one of you, to put on this page, to encourage others to have a go at the books you are reading over your homelearning period.


No problem.  Here's my ideas list:

1. Take photos.  Choose one for every day, then put some writing with it.  It could be a poem, a small thought or two, an explanation of what you were up to in that photo... anything really.  When you have been told that we can go back to school, your final task will be to compile them into a book - either professionally printed, like Tali's that he showed us in March, or created at home - to bring into school and share with the rest of us.

2. Art work.  There are an infinite number of ways you can show how you feel, or how you see the world, through art.  Firstly, create your own rainbow to join the thousands of children around the world, who have coloured in a rainbow and put it in the front window, to demonstrate positive feelings.  Then, create a rainbow dreamcatcher, to hang in the garden.  Once you have done that, is there anyone you could write to?  I'm particularly thinking of family members who cannot see you for many weeks.  If you divide your ENVELOPE into three (equal) sections, you could colour the left hand third with that rainbow, and put the address across the other two thirds.  Then write a letter for that family member, or just a note with some of your photos from task one, and pop them into the envelope, then send them.

3. Scientific fun!  Try some of these activities.

A different 'Paper Plane'.  Science Experiments

4. Daily tables challenge - over and above TTrockstars...  Here is an excel sheet.  If you play it on the computer, to change the numbers, just press fn and f9.  It will change the numbers on the sheet every time you do.  Challenge your parents to a timed competition.  (I am willing to bet that some of you will be MUCH faster than the adults in the family.)

5. CGP books for Y5.  Three units this week.  Spring Term 1, 4 and 12.  Have fun!

6. The LEGO challenge!  Yes... you can do this.  Get Mum and Dad involved, too.

7. The 30 Day Art and DT challengeYou can download a copy here.

8. A scavenger hunt.  You can make up your own for a younger sibling, or do one of these... They are aimed at slightly younger children, but that doesn't matter.  Fun is fun, no matter what your age!  Garden  Maths  Rainbow


If you would like to be a Book Fairy and buy books for Benhams Class click here

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