E-safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Long Sutton School. We teach e-safety across a number of curriculum areas. Whilst we have robust safety features in place to safeguard pupils from potentially unsuitable materials, we recognise that children are growing up in a rapidly changing digital world. The potentials and benefits of this are huge, but educating about the possible pit-falls and dangers is also crucial. At Long Sutton School, we aim to create an open and trusting approach to e-safety so that children are comfortable talking about their online activity.

We can only be successful in educating children to keeping safe online, if we work with parents to deliver a consistent e-safety message. It is important that parents are also keeping an open dialogue with their child about their activity online.

The good news is, as parents you do not need to be a computing expert in order to keep your child safe online. The usual rules of good parenting apply in the same way to e-safety; setting clear boundaries and expectations.

The following links are recommended to help parents to work with the school in training our children to be responsible digital citizens:

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