Pre School

When children join the school in Year R the transition is planned to enable children to settle quickly into the routine of school life. All details of this are sent to parents when they accept a school place.

Nursery visits

All children have a visit from Year R staff at their nursery school. The children love to meet their teacher at their nursery school and to show them the activities they take part in. The staff value the opportunity to meet the children’s keyworker and find out about their skills and interests. Children attending Long Sutton School come from a number of different nurseries and a visit from their teacher is an important part of their induction into school.

Home Visits

Every child joining the school has a visit from their teacher at home. This is an opportunity for the child to talk about all the things they enjoy doing and for parents to ask questions about their child starting school.

Parents information evening

An information meeting is held in the Summer term for parents to find out about life in Year R for their children and to ask any questions they wish to raise.

Preschool group

Children attend preschool in the school hall on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00 – 3.00pm. Some of this time is spent in the classroom with their new teacher and enables the children to build relationships with the staff and get to know their classroom. They also attend an induction morning late on in the Summer term.

The calendar of events varies from year to year and it is planned by the parents of the preschool children. There is always a sports afternoon organised and run by the children who will be buddies next year and a teddy bears picnic when all the buddies meet the new children.

The preschool is run by parents whose children are due to start Long Sutton Primary School in the next school year. It is funded by asking for a donation of £1 per family per session. The aim of the group is to familiarise the children with the school, not only the building and the staff, but also with the children who will be in the same class as them next year. The parents also get to know each other.

Year R Buddies

All children in Year R have a buddy from Year 6 or Year 5. Buddies help the year R children settle into school by supporting them at lunchtime and playtime. All the older children look forward to being a buddy and the younger children enjoy having a friend from the older classes. Buddies give the Year R children a point of contact and it offers them support in the early days of their schooling.