School Bus/Taxi

Many of our children travel to school on the school bus or in the school taxi.

Children are entitled to transport if they live in catchment and live more than 2 miles from the school in YR (in their 5th birthday term) to Y3 and 3 miles if Y4 to Y6. Many of the children from South Warnborough and Upton Grey travel by bus.

Please go the website below to check your eligibility and access the application portal:

We encourage all children who are eligible to apply for a bus pass. This reduces congestion on the road outside school and the children using the bus enjoy travelling to school with their friends each day. Older children take on the role of bus buddies in case any of the younger children have concerns and need a little help.

How could you travel to school?

This is a publication which aims to encourage, inform and inspire parents to consider their journey to school and the options and services available to them and their child.

Click here for the Hampshire Journey Planner